Sunny Corner

One of Australia’s largest growers of organic broccoli. A family owned farm that has been supplying the country with award-winning produce since 1924, and their success and longevity is testament only to the highest quality of their vegetables.
Australian Certified Organic (ACO) veg is grown using only sustainable methods in mineral rich, red volcanic basalt soil and irrigated with natural spring water to create this benchmark product of exceptional quality – they are recognised and awarded leaders in organic produce.
At Sunny Corner, they grow, harvest and dehydrate their Australian Certified Organic (ACO) veg at source, using an advanced low temperature process proven to maximise nutritional preservation. That’s why from seed to spoon, you can be sure of nothing but the finest, nutrient-packed vegetable powders. Bringing you a brighter way to up your veggie intake. And that’s a promise.